by Frank Wedekind

Director: Scott Roberts

Audition dates: Saturday 18th February, 12pm - 5pm; Sunday 19th February 7pm - 10pm (NVT South Hall)
Production dates: Thursday 18th May - Saturday 27th May 2017

A new adaptation of Frank Wedekind's seminal classic "Lulu" for Brighton's Fringe Festival 2017

This play follows the life of a young woman whose true nature - one of sexual candour and freedom - leads her on a journey into the moral hypocrisy of bourgeois society and, ultimately, to her own, tragic destruction.

In a world where a sexual predator can be elected President, there is no better time to highlight this breed of misogyny and the double standards confident women face every day.

The Writer:

Wedekind was infamous for his promiscuous behaviour and the controversial themes of sexuality and violence in productions such as 'Spring Awakening' and 'The Lulu Plays'. His style of writing was anything but naturalistic and has been described as "pre-expressionistic" - reflecting the inner conflict of his characters. He was known to have influenced Brecht and what would later be defined as 'epic theatre'. There is a sense of the absurd within his stylised characters and symbolic narrative.

The Play:

Written in the early 1890's and originally released to his publisher as "Earth Spirit", Lulu: A Monster Tragedy is a play with many interpretations. Some see the main protagonist as a 'femme fatale' lethal love-goddess manipulating men with her sexuality. Others see her as a vulnerable innocent exploited by a string of heartless fools. The story itself is a simple one - the much desired Lulu glides unceremoniously from lover to lover and leads her series of admirers to grim ends, before she in turn suffers a similar outcome.

The Audition:

We're looking for a group of adaptable actors who want to create a fun, open, ensemble atmosphere. Each performer will be responsible for how the show evolves during the rehearsal process. A contribution of ideas and research is essential for everyone involved. Who is Lulu? Let's decide together.

The Characters:

There are many characters in the original story. Please be aware that through the audition and adaptation, some may evolve, others may disappear. Some characters may double-up or morph even. Here's a taster of a few of them...

Lulu - Playing age: 20's - early 30's.

Wedekind describes Lulu as a desirable young woman (make of that what you will!). Lulu is sexually impulsive and amoral. Any person auditioning for this character must be able to show a stage confidence that can hold a long stare. Lulu is used to being looked at. They make the pianist stop when they walk into the room. They may not be the most beautiful, but they are the most attractive. There's just something about Lulu...

Geschwitz - Playing age: 30's - 40's.

She is 'crippled'. Crippled with desire, pain, vulnerability. She aches to be wanted. She lives, but wants to die.

Schoning - Playing age: 40's - 50's.

Lulu's mentor and closest lover. And third husband. He dies.

Schwarz - Playing age: 20's - early 30's.

An artist. Schwarz captures Lulu's beauty in his art. His uncompromising desire leads him down the aisle as Lulu's second husband, whilst unwittingly contributing to her first husband's heart-attack. He dies too.

Alwa - playing age: 20's.

Schoning's son. Lulu's fourth husband. He's still alive... I think.

Schigolch - playing age 50+.

Perhaps Lulu's father. you don't want to know him. Very unpleasant character.

The full story is over four hours long and contains more characters than you can shake a stick at. Doctors, Chiefs of Police, secretive maids, high society ladies and corrupt bankers, dodgy politicians, acrobats and prostitutes. If you don't find your type above - don't worry, there's plenty of others. Just get in touch with us! Not all the characters will be in the final show, it will be around two hours in length. However the auditions are your opportunity to show us your stuff.

If you're interested in being involved in this exciting project for the 2017 Fringe Festival or you'd just like to ask more questions, please let us know. We're looking for all types and if you've got more than just an acting string to your bow - even better, let us know. Tell us if you want to help out backstage or if you'd like to audition.

For auditions please send This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. an email with a brief description of yourself, your playing age, any previous experience you've had and a nice picture of your lovely face. (Doesn't have to be professional CVs and headshots - we just want to get an idea of who you are and what you look like.) Let us know your preferred audition date and we'll send you more details.

Thanks for reading.