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Friday 21 July - Saturday 29 July

Theatre Upstairs

Short Play Festival

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A selection of quality new writing over six new and diverse plays.

Six new writers were selected to each produce a 15-20 minute long play.  Michelle Donkin, Sarah Charsley, Amy Onyett, Charly Sommers, Sam Chittenden and Nick Richards were all guided through an editorial process by two experienced and professional writers and when their plays had reached the required standard they were passed on to six selected first time directors.  Erica Fletcher, Sabrina Giles, James Macauley, Jeremy Crow, Emmie Spencer and Tom Slater-Hyndman were also offered support from experienced colleagues as they worked with actors to bring these plays to the stage.   All the writers, directors and their mentors have strong connections with the New Venture Theatre.

Friday 06 October - Saturday 14 October



‘We come out of the dark’

Civil war has decimated Thebes and torn apart the troubled family of Oidipous.  Kreon must keep a grip if his new government is to be strong and stable.  But when Antigone defies him and buries her traitor brother, she sparks a series of catastrophic events. Is she a criminal with terrorist leanings, a brave voice of reason, or simply a loyal sister?  Is Kreon a heartless dictator, or a man trying desperately to balance the needs of state and family? 

Anne Carson’s poetic and colloquial translation brings these extraordinary personal and political circumstances into the present day - a world where civil war and despotism are still rife; a world that longs for truth and courage.



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