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Renewal at New Venture

New Venture Theatre is a Brighton based community theatre run by volunteers which owns its own building and is a registered charity.


The time has come for some important restoration and enhancement of our beautiful Grade 2 listed building and so we have launched a 5-Year programme of work called ‘Renewal at New Venture’.
This is an exciting initiative intended to combine essential repairs to the fabric of the building with enhancements to our facilities and equipment designed to improve the theatre experience and safeguard the New Venture Theatre for future generations.

Work has already commenced in 2021 with extensive external repairs to the theatre south wall and the total cost of the ‘Renewal at New Venture’ programme is estimated to be £80,000 over the five years.
The key milestones are :

2021 - Repair and refurbish theatre south wall - £10,000
2022 - Repairs to windows on south wall of the theatre - £15,000
2023 - Refurbish bar area and acquire new stage scenery stock - £10,000
2024 - Replace rear roof lead work - £17,000
2025 - Repair and refurbish front of theatre - £26,000

Contributions to support our ‘Renewal at New Venture’ Programme will be greatly appreciated and all donations received by the theatre from 2021 will be used in the programme unless you request otherwise.
Regular reports on the progress of the programme will appear on the theatre’s website, and we look forward to New Venture having a successful and secure future for very many years to come.


You can donate here


Building Renewal Final web