New Venture Theatre

Complaint procedure

for use by both members and non-members

We would like everyone at the New Venture to have a good experience, from those involved in presenting a production through to audience members.
However, if you have a complaint about a particular aspect of the theatre and/or the way you have been treated we are keen to ensure the matter is properly investigated and, if necessary, put right.
Our complaints process has three stages.

1. Informal procedure. Many everyday issues can be dealt with through open, honest and timely communication. If you have a general complaint about the operation of NVT or a more specific complaint about the way you have been treated personally you are encouraged to try and resolve it informally. You may wish to do this by discussing your complaint with a Committee Member who will help you to try and resolve it.

2. Formal procedure. If you are unhappy with the outcome of Stage 1, or choose not to have an informal discussion, you can send a formal complaint in writing and without unreasonable delay, to the Chairman or any Committee Member.
Depending on the nature of the complaint, it will be promptly considered by two or more Committee Members who are not the subject of, or directly concerned with, the area of complaint.
As part of their investigation, those persons considering the complaint may seek further information from you and other parties and, if the complaint criticises actions of members of the theatre then those members will be given an opportunity to explain their actions before any conclusion is reached.
We will aim to reply to the complaint within 4 weeks of it being received and the response will tell you what action we have taken to look into the complaint, the conclusions reached, and any action we propose to take as a result of it.

3. Appeal. If you are unhappy with the outcome of Stage 2, you can write to our Chairman or another Committee Member asking for your complaint to be reviewed. You need to do so within ten working days of receiving the Stage 2 decision.
Two Committee Members not previously involved in the matter will be asked to review the facts and investigate further, if necessary. We will send you a response to your request for review within 4 weeks of receiving it.

The Management Committee will aim to ensure that information arising from a complaint remains confidential and is only discussed with those directly involved in trying to resolve the issue and any external organisation who have an official right to the information.

NVT Management Committee

September 2019