NVT Privacy Policy


The New Venture Theatre has a clear and definitive policy on keeping the details of their members private. We endeavour to hold all personal details as securely as possible and do not share details with outside organisations.

To maintain certain functions within the organisation it is necessary to store and internally share members’ details. This does include some secure external databases for the purposes of members’ ticket discounts and email management.  However, these details are kept to the minimum required for any specific function. This information will not exceed name, membership number, phone and email address, with the exception of the membership list, which is also used to send postal communication.

Your membership details are maintained within the membership list for a maximum of 12 months after your membership expires. After which they are deleted from the membership list and any other records held.

Details of those who have been cast or crew in past productions will be kept as part of the archive of the organisation. This will be limited to names only. Details of those actively participating in productions, support activities and holding roles within the organisation will be held, this will include phone and email address for contact purposes. For this purpose actively participating is defined as within the last 2 years.

If you do not wish to have any of your details stored as described above you are entitled to request that they are deleted in some or all aspects. However, this may limit your awareness of NVT activities and make membership impractical.