Acting Classes

Forthcoming Acting Classes are listed below.
Details about attending Acting Classes can be found below the listings.  Acting Classes are open to anyone over 18 yrs.  
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Audition Technique with Gina Laline

6, 13, 20 & 27 September

There is an art to audition.
What is cold reading? How do I prepare for an audition straight away?
How do I personalise the text and connect with the camera or director?

You will be given few script sides and our director Gina Laline will guide you throughout the process.
This course will focus on how "not to act" so that your action is as honest and real as possible. A spontaneous performance, with strong feelings, real emotions, and true thoughts. Gina will guide you to reach your artistic objectives. To achieve this, we will follow a thorough process by analysing the scene to the deepest point. You will discover the tools for the perfect development of your work. If you wish to pursue an honest performance you need to be honest.

Like in life, pretending to be something is always the opposite of the truth.

Gina has been a professional actress for ten years. She started her training in Spain and furthering her career in Singapore and London. In Spain she worked with the acclaimed Spanish director Darío Facal, she was part of his cast for three different plays. In Singapore she learnt from the hand of Kamil Haque – here she learned all the insights of S. Adler and Meisner. Since living in the UK, Gina attended LAMDA and taken several courses with Greg Hicks.  Gina recently directed Attempts on her life and her acting career includes TV series "Isabel", "IP-The series", Movies including "The Cave","The Game Changer" and "Profiles" and plays including "Bullying", "Inside" and more.
Gina has recently directed YOU written by Mark Wilson at The Warren for the Brighton Fringe. The sold-out is now staring a national tour from October.
Gina is currently casting for her next play.




Acting Class
  • Anyone can attend the acting class (must be over 18yrs)
  • Classes run each Monday listed above. No classes in May, August and Christmas.
  • Classes are drop-in classes
  • No booking a place required
  • Members get a discount
  • You can join at any date during a course if you wish to
  • You do not need to have any experience
  • First Acting Class is Free.  Subsequently - £5 per class (£2.50 for members)

Attending the acting class is the best way to get involved with what we do and find out about auditions and productions.  We encourage all our members as well as those who want to get involved in the theatre in any way to come along.  Classes start at 7.30 and end at 9.30. Please arrive in good time to begin promptly at 7.30.

To find out more, come along to a class or to request more information about a particular block of sessions, please  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  rather than the phone as we do not have the resources to manage the calls.

We also run occassional workshops, which you may find interesting

Hope to see you there!