Audition Notice

‘Hope That Plays a Tune Alone’


Sarah Drew

Directed by

Mark Wilson

This is one of the four plays presented at the Short Play Festival

Friday 19th – Saturday 27th July

Auditions on Thursday, March 28th from 7.00pm in the Studio at NVT

Setting: A small village in rural England immediately after World War II.

Background: This is a story about two women who, each in their own way, manage and go on to survive loss. It’s about the support they find in each other, their mutual understanding and regard.

Kitty: 30s. A teacher at the village school. We know that she has lost members of her family as a consequence of the war and this loss has compounded her feelings about herself as being undeserving of happiness. Beneath this layer of self-denial there is, we suspect, a rage against the way she holds herself back. One of the two main parts in the play.

Elsa: 30s. Kitty’s friend and, on the surface at least, very much an opposite: a realist whose feet are firmly planted on the ground. There is a tenderness here too though, a depth of understanding and imagination that enables her to see her friend’s conflicts whilst acknowledging her own. One of the two main parts in the play.

Father Andrew: 30s/40s. The village priest. His love of literature and a desire to travel abroad as a missionary are obvious outlets for his undoubted passion for people and life. The character appears three times with a line count of around thirty-five

Auditions by appointment only. Please email Mark Wilson on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for a twenty-minute audition appointment, an extract from the script and a description of the audition process. Please also contact Mark with any questions about the show.

Rehearsals will start at the end of May and will run on two evenings a week – not Fridays - by agreement with the cast and availability of space, with some Sundays towards the end of the process.