Audition Notice


by Nina Raine

directed by Scott Roberts

This will be part of the Brighton Fringe 2020

Audition Dates: Saturday 25 January 12pm – 5pm and Thursday 30 January  7pm – 10pm

Recalls will be on Saturday 1 February 12pm – 3pm

Rehearsals: Feb – May 2020 / Performances: 15 to 23 May 2020


Consent is an intricately constructed, modern philosophical drama. A play about relationships, with the audience invited to make their own judgement on the characters and their polarising attitudes. Its themes are hard-hitting and its language can be shocking at times. The play premiered in London’s West End in 2017, to fantastic reviews.

Actors auditioning will need to be able to show an ability for naturalism, emotional intelligence and at times, a good understanding for dark, subtle humour. The play is fast-paced, multi-layered and complex.


Kitty (thirties/forties) - A new mum and a trained barrister. Quick-witted, strong and subtle. Married to Edward; their partnership is at the heart of the play. Her personal inter-relationship shifts throughout the play will test the actor and audience equally. A character that needs to be portrayed by an accomplished and measured actor.

Edward (thirties/forties) – The alpha. A barrister defending the man that Gayle has accused of rape. Feels ‘empathy’ is an over-used word. Takes legal work for the money and prestige. His impression of control gives way to a surprising vulnerability that needs to be shown with sensitivity. The actor playing Edward will be on stage a lot, carrying the energy and pace of the play; a fantastic opportunity to show your acting skills to a Festival audience.

Rachel (thirties/forties) – Friends with Kitty and Edward, Jake and Rachel have young children together and both work as barristers. A sounding-board to her friends with a strong sense of honesty and conviction that is unmatched. She’s not afraid to say what she thinks. A decision she makes is the catalyst to the unravelling of their ideal world.

Jake (thirties/forties) – Sardonic and child-like. His moral compass is set by his own rationalisation of his actions. He is an emotional roller-coaster, with the ability to make you laugh and then infuriate you within seconds. However, he also has a ‘code’ that is unwavering; highlighting a surprising adaptability to circumstance and evolution of attitude.

Tim (thirties/forties) – The last of the barristers; described as a hamster. A smart and sensitive soul who works hard at being a good man. Lugubrious at times, he can be charming and bitter in equal measures. He’s single and envious of the life he doesn’t have. This desire leaves a large impact on all their lives. He believes his flat is haunted.

Zara (twenties-forties) – A working actor. Her role in the play is paramount; an outsider allowed into this world of privilege; she holds a mirror to her friends’ behaviour and hypocrisy. She may be a little younger than the others and with less status, but she’s unafraid to hold her own with them. She stands firm with her integrity and clarity.

The last two characters could potentially be played by the same actor:

Gayle (twenties-forties) – A pivotal and dramatic role for a very strong actor. This character is unlike any of the others, due to the obvious difference we are shown in her class and the life that she’s had. She’s passionate, direct and dignified. The role has been written with a Scottish dialect, but don’t let it put you off - we can change that.

Laura (thirties/forties) – A solicitor. RP accent. One scene. Clinical and succinct. She is very good at her job.


All auditionees will be sent the script to read, along with the audition pieces. Although you won’t be expected to learn your lines for the audition, a strong understanding of the text will of course help a great deal with the process.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book an audition or for further details about the production.