Miss Julie

By August Strindberg

directed by Mark Lester

Production dates: Friday 19 June – Saturday 27 June
Auditions held at the NVT on:
Friday 31 January 7pm-10pm
Sunday 2 February 11am-4pm
Tuesday 4 February 7-10pm

Recalls: Thursday 6 February 7pm-10pm at the NVT

Rehearsals: Held on two weekday evenings, and one weekend day. Schedule T.B.C.
To book auditions and enquire about audition pieces, please contact the director Mark Lester on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
When you have confirmed your intention to audition, I will send you a copy of the play, which I would like you to have read prior to audition. If cast, you will be expected to purchase your own copy of the play. This is an open audition, but if you become a member of the cast or crew you will be expected to become an NVT member.
Set on Midsummers Eve in Sweden, the party is in full swing. The servants are letting their hair down, and so is the Count’s daughter. The collision of the two worlds is explosive, and Strindberg’s drama unfolds during the course of the night. Miss Julie caused scandal among theatre goers when it was first produced, and this tense, sexy and powerful play still resonates with worldwide audiences today. So much more than a battle of the classes, the characters wrestle with their pasts, presents and possible futures, their desires and ambitions. As the pendulum swings, the balance of three people’s lives is shifting all the time. Lines have been drawn, and much depends on who is prepared to cross them. What will the consequences be?
Miss Julie: The Count’s daughter – about 25 years old
Jean: The Count’s Butler – about 30 years old
Christine: Cook, Jean’s partner – about 35 years old
NOTE: Playing ages for all characters are mid-20s to mid-30s.

Backstage Roles
We are always looking for people to help backstage, including stage crew, set builders, set decorators and painters.
For audition pieces/bookings, crew enquiries or any further information about the production, please don’t hesitate to contact the director Mark.