Short Plays 2022

In the Theatre Upstairs

 7 to 15 October


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A selection of short plays - the directors of which are new to directing at the NVT

All auditions will take place at the New Venture Theatre -- see each play for details and dates of Auditions


A Kind of Alaska by Harold Pinter - directed by Gaby Bowring  -  Audition details here

At the age of sixteen, Deborah fell victim to a sleeping sickness. She has been suspended between a conscious and unconscious state ever since, watched over throughout by her devoted doctor. Twenty-nine years later, Hornby is now able to revive his patient and observe as Deborah reawakens, gently helping her to adjust to a world beyond her recognition.

Cast:  Deborah – aged 45, Pauline – aged 41, Hornby – fifties/early sixties

NOTE: The playing age for Deborah/Pauline can be anywhere between late thirties to early fifties



The Evils of Tobacco
by Anton Chekhov - directed by Tobias Clay

A monologue. - Actor - Playing age 30+.  Some clowning and dumb-show involved.

Written in 1886, a henpecked husband offers/is required to give a lecture on the harmfulness of tobacco (veering wildly off-topic resulting in a greater understanding of his own pathos-laden ineptitude).

A typically cynical, ultimately hilarious Chekhov tour-de-force short.




Fewer Emergencies by Martin Crimp - directed by Stefan Haselwimmer

Some people reflect on a gun massacre, others argue about the fate of "poor Bobby" trapped in his own horror story. This sinister, graphic and timely piece by Martin Crimp forces us to question cosy norms and the polished perfection of the tales we tell ourselves.  

We'd like four creative actors to dive into this strange, fascinating, and often beguiling bit of theatre. All ages and backgrounds warmly welcome!  1 male, 3 any gender.



How He Lied to Her Husband
by George Bernard Shaw - directed by Neil Hadley  -  Audition details here

 Bernard Shaw takes a refreshing and critical attitude to the traditional bourgeois love triangle situation and explores a plot twist at the end of the piece which is both thought-provoking and entertaining.

Set in a well furnished flat in London, Aurora Bompas is flustered as she has misplaced a collection of love poems from her admirer, Apjohn.  He is a "beautiful youth" of around nineteen years and has a naive and poetic view of love and relationships.

Cast: Mr Apjohn - playing age 18 to 24, Aurora - playing age 28 to 34, Mr Bompas - playing age 35 to 42