Directors’ Briefing Meeting

A Directors’ Briefing Meeting is held by the 3rd week of June.

1. Purpose of Meeting
  - To confirm the choice of plays and Directors for the season.
 - To provide written confirmation of all dates and venues of plays for the season
 - To obtain contact details of all Directors
 - To explain the production process and notify Directors of the Pre-Production Meeting.
 - To build a sense of company for the whole season
 - To get a sense of what the plays will be
 - To introduce new Directors to NVT procedures and key roles

2. Date set for Pre-Production Meeting
The NVT Production Coordinator will plan the Pre-Production Meetings and agree with the attendees for that meeting

3. General points for Directors
Proposal to Direct and Production Checklist
 - Directors will be encouraged to use the Proposal to Direct and  Production Checklist to be kept up to date throughout the production process.
Directors will be encouraged to create a strong company spirit, with particular emphasis on
- Keeping their rehearsal spaces clean and tidy including the kitchen and other areas
- Respecting and supporting their creative team, technical and backstage crew
- Raising safety awareness
- Encouraging their casts to support other shows at the NVT, especially bar FoH and Box Office duties.

 - Artistic Director, 
 - All the proposed Directors for the Season
 - NVT Production Coordinator
 - Technical Team
 - Volunteer Coordinator
 - Possibly Box Office and FoH Manager, Diary Manager, Newsletter Editor, Publicity Team