Pre-Production Meeting

Each production will start with a Pre-Production Meeting, which will be the “kick-off” meeting for that production. This will usually be 12-14 weeks before the opening night. The meeting will be arranged and chaired by the NVT Production Coordinator who invites the attendees.

Aims of the Meeting 

The Director to outline creative concept and explore and develop ideas with the creative team.

1. To identify key objectives of the production

2. To identify potential problems.
 - Complex design of set / sound / lighting / costume
 - Any unusual technical requirements
 - Likely casting problems e.g. large cast

3. To identify potential risks
 - in set construction and materials
 - in what is expected of the actors in rehearsal or performance
 - in arrangement and rigging of lights, sound, SFX (special effects), to crew, cast or audience.

4. To confirm their production team to date and identify shortfalls.
Key jobs for which to identify personnel are:
 - Production Manager
 - Stage Manager / ASM
 - Marketing (if additional to NVT is required i.e. Fringe productions)
 - Sound design & Operation
 - Lighting design, Rigging & Operation
 - Set design, Construction & Dressing
 - Costume design / liaison
 - Properties
 - Health and Safety
 - Poster and Programme Design
 - Photographer

5. To agree a deadline for the final approved poster design.
 - In most cases this should be a minimum of 1 week before the first night of the preceding production.

6. To outline the rehearsal timetable and make provisional key dates
 - e.g. Get-in, Get-out, tech and dress rehearsals.

7. To decide the date of the Production Meeting.

8. To discuss the production budget.

9. To brief the Director on access to and security of the building the theatre.

10. To identify any additional rights licence requirements 
 - e.g. Interploated music

11. To provide the Director with access to the formal processes and procedures:

Security of Theatre Building
Health and Safety Policy
The Director, Cast, Crew and Production Team will be supplied with a copy of the NVT Health and Safety Policy, which he / she is required to read, then sign and return its attached slip to the Health and Safety Manager, to confirm that he / she has read and understood it. 

Use of Studio and Main Theatre: Notes to Directors and Set–builders 
Copies of this document should be supplied to the Director, set-designers and set-builders / dressers.

Production Budget Form 
Copies of this form are to be given to the Director or Production Manager and completed as soon as possible and in any event before the Production Meeting and be sent to the NVT Production Coordinator and treasurer. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Directors will be advised about noise and the need to respect the neighbours, especially on leaving the building at night. 

Risk Assessment
A risk assessment of the production to be completed during the rehearsal process and sent to the Health and Safety Manager.

 - Director 
 - NVT Artistic Director
 - NVT Production Coordinator
 - NVT Health and Safety Manager
 - Set Design and Construction Coordinator
 - NVT Technical Team
 - NVT Publicity Team
 - NVT Volunteer Coordinator
 - Production Manager, if appointed at this stage
 - Any relevant member of the design team and crew for the production, if appointed at this stage