Audition Process

The audition is usually held approximately 12 weeks before the opening night.
If you need to audition early, please inform and check with the directors prior to your show and the Artistic Director.

1. Audition venue
The Director / Production Manager should contact the NVT Production Coordinator to arrange space in the theatre for the audition and for any additional call-back sessions if required.
The Studio or South Hall are better venues as you have direct access for auditionees. If you need an additional space, please make sure it has been booked. This might not always be possible.

2. Audition Notice
The audition notice should be supplied to the Website Manager, Newsletter Editor and Publicity Team.
It should be included with the newsletter that goes out just prior to the audition date. The copy deadline dates for the next newsletter can be requested through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

3. Audition notice content
 - Name of play and playwright
 - Director’s contact details: name, phone number and e-mail
 - Performance dates
 - A summary of the play
 - List of characters, giving approximate ages where relevant
 - Positions needed for the production team
 - Date, time and venue of audition and re-calls
 - Please include that supporting another production by doing bar or box office duties is standard procedure to ensure the theatre can function.

Anyone may audition. However, offers of roles are conditional on applicants being paid-up members of the NVT for the duration of the entire rehearsal and performance period.
Please refer to the NVT Child Protection Policy for restrictions on using children in performance.

4. Audition Scripts
Some Directors prepare key speeches to be used at the audition and encourage applicants to study these before the audition. Please email out to save copying costs, and ensure no infringement of copyright, please add that the script parts are only to be used for auditioning purposes.

5. Full Scripts
If the play is available in print, the cast and crew are required to buy their own copy of the script for their use.
 - If the play is out of print, the Director will need to arrange for photocopies for each cast member and the relevant members of the production team, (but please avoid infringing copyright).
 - Please check with NVT Production Coordinator before doing a large amount of copying.

6. Applicant Contact Details
Auditions Applicant Forms should be available at the audition to be completed and signed by the applicants and kept by the Director.

7. Membership
It is mandatory that all cast and crew are NVT members and it is the Director’s responsibility to ensure that all comply once the play is cast and crew selected.
  - It should be made clear by the Director or Production Manager at the audition that no rehearsal may take place until all the company are paid up members of the NVT.
  - The cast should be encouraged to join (or renew) online when they accept the part.

8. Membership Application Form
Membership application forms should be available at the audition and details of joining online.
 - The Director should advise any cast or crew who are not NVT members that they will need to have joined before or at the first read-through or whole-company meeting.

9. Audition
The format of the audition is up to the individual director.
 - It is important that all applicants are given the same fair hearing and should be organised to minimise waiting times.
 - If any additional shows are planned, you must inform anyone auditioning before the auditions or latest at the auditions.
 - The Director should ensure they have adequate people at the audition to manage any waiting area, especially if the theatre lobby is being used.
 - The Director should inform all applicants at the audition that they must be members of the NVT if they are cast or chosen to be crew.

10. Casting
 When will applicants hear?
 - The Director should tell applicants when to expect to be notified of the outcome of their audition.
Alternative roles / productions
 - It is sometimes possible to encourage an unsuccessful applicant to take some other role in the production, such as costume liaison or back-stage crew. If you think an actor/actress is suited for a different upcoming production, feel free to suggest that.
Contact Membership Secretary - Newsletter
 - The Director should provide the Membership Secretary and the Newsletter Editor (see contact list in the newsletter) with a list of his/her proposed cast and crew for the show as soon as possible.

11. Rehearsal Schedule
 - The Director/Production Manager for the show should create a rehearsal schedule, in consultation with the NVT Production Coordinator.
 - The NVT diary can be found here:
 - Please check the diary first and then contact the NVT Diary Manager to book spaces.