First Full Company Meeting

The first meeting of the full company for a production is usually 8-10 weeks before its opening night. A first read-through of the play may form part of this meeting. The Director/Production Manager should invite the attendees.

1. Membership
The Director / Production Manager must ensure at this stage that all cast and crew are paid up members of the theatre. Any outstanding membership subscriptions are to be collected at this meeting or paid online before the next rehearsal.

2. Health and Safety
The Director / Production Manager will provide a copy of the most recent NVT Health and Safety Policy to each member of the cast and crew.

 - Health & Safety Confirmation Slips must be signed and returned to the Director/Production Manager, to confirm the policy has been read and understood. (the slips need     only be completed once each season, unless the policy has been updated since completion).

 - The Director/ Porduction Manager should highlight relevant sections of the policy at the meeting.

3. Housekeeping
The Director briefs the company about noise, building security and fire alarm procedures

Please be aware of other members using the theatre and ensure all areas are kept tidy and clean. Leave your rehearsal space and kitchen as you would wish to find it.

 - Attendees
   Production Manager
   Stage Manager
   Lighting Designer
   Set Designer
   Sound Designer
   Properties manager
   Artistic Director
   Health and Safety Manager
   Cast for the show
   Costume designer
   All crew