Production Meeting

The Production Meeting is usually held 5 weeks before the opening night (or half way through the rehearsal period) of the show.

Attendees are invited by the director or production manager.
The Production Meeting is normally chaired by the NVT Production Coordinator.

It is not always possible to get all parties to attend one meeting. However, the main functions of production, stage management, sound and lighting design and set design should be represented. Other areas can be discussed at separate meetings if necessary, ideally before the PM.

1. Front of House and Box Office
 - Front of House and Box Office are already aware of the production’s dates and do not need to be contacted by the Director regarding these.

 - The Director / Production Manager should inform Box Office of seating numbers, if a Studio production.

2. Aims of Production meeting
Key personnel in place
 - Ensure full commitment of all parties and identify the gaps in the team.

Key dates agreed
 - Agree / Confirm key dates and gain agreement to meet these deadlines by all parties – please book the spaces:
 - All props available
 - Get in set,
 - Set building dates
 - Lighting
 - Stagger-through
 - Rig
 - plot
 - programme
 - run cue to cue
 - Costume fitting
 - Tech Rehearsals
 - Dress rehearsals
 - Dress photographs
 - Get out
 - Marketing deadlines
 - Programme deadlines

3. Health and Safety
Review health and safety considerations.

4. Care of theatre property
 - Remind the Director on responsibility for ensuring that cast and crew maintain their rehearsal space in clean and tidy condition, including the kitchen and South Hall, if used.
 - Brief Director regarding NVT property.
 - No drapes, curtains, etc. to be cut up or altered
 - No costumes to be cut or altered
 - No Front-of-House / Bar / South Hall items to be appropriated for props

5. Budget
The Director presents the completed budget form for discussion at the Production Meeting.

6. Poster
 - Poster and publicity designs must be approved by the Artistic Director before going to print.

7. Interpolated Music
 - Confirm any music used in the production where the cast interact with it has the necessary performance rights licence.

8. Attendees

Attendees include crew for the play plus those NVT members who have overall responsibility for every show:
   Director of the show
   NVT Artistic Director
   NVT Production Coordinator – who will facilitate the meeting
   Production Manager for the show
   NVT Technical Director (Light and Sound)
   NVT Health and Safety Manager / Adviser
   NVT Marketing / Publicity Officers
   Stage Manager
   Sound Designer
   Lighting Designer
   Film Designer – if relevant
   Set Designer
   Costume Designer

Other attendees - optional:
   Poster / Programme Designer (liaison is usually done separately by Director).
   Lighting / Sound Operators
   Any other crew