Marketing and Publicity

Remember that the best publicity is achieved by cast and crew encouraging friends, relatives etc. to attend the production.

1. Copy for the Brochure
Directors should supply copy for the Brochure (the NVT events guide / calendar) to the Brochure Editor
Copy should include:
 - 100-150 words to inform the public what the show is and to sell it.
 - times and dates of the performances
 - venue
 - playwright
 - Director

2. Approval of Brochure proof
 - The final proof should be approved by the NVT Artistic Director before going to print.

3. Brochure Deadlines
 - The deadlines will be emailed out and are usually around June / July (Oct-Dec), Oct (Jan-Apr and Feb (May-July).

4.Copy for newsletter
The Director should provide copy about the forthcoming play to, the NVT newsletter Editor. - Confirmation should be obtained from the Editor that copy has been received and will appear in the next edition.
 - Dates for copy, printing and stuffing for the newsletter can be requested by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It is important that copy is supplied to the Editor well before the final copy date, so that he / she can plan the design of the newsletter. This is normally about 6-8 weeks before the opening night.
 - The copy should be between 300 and 600 words and should be designed to attract the maximum audience from NVT membership.

5. Photo or illustration for NVT newsletter
Provide a good quality photo or image for the newsletter. This will help to sell the show. - The following images are all acceptable and must be suitable for reproduction in black and white:
 - Photo of cast members in costume (provide names for caption)
 - Rehearsal photo (provide names for caption)
 - Poster – if no photos available
- NB: credit the photographer / artist

6. Additional information
The following information should also be included:
 - times and dates of the performances
 - venue
 - For example:
 - Times and Dates (The Studio) – Reservations coupon: page 2
 - 7.45 pm - Saturday 22 January and Tuesday-Saturday 25-29 January
 - Matinee: Sunday 23 January – 2.30 pm
 - (no performance Monday 24th January)

7. Website
The Director should provide copy about the play and the production dates as well as an image to the Website Editor 12 weeks prior to the production.

8. Facebook
The NVT Publicity Team will set up an events page for each production on facebook.
It is up to the production to post on this page and attract / invite audiences.

9.Twitter / Instagramm
You can create a profile for each production and tweet from the NVT account.
It is the responsibility of each production to tweet about their show.

10. Press Release
8 weeks prior to the production, the Director should provide Press Release copy to the NVT Publicity Team.
 - Ideally this should be supplied as finished copy. However, the Publicity Team may be able to help with writing the press release if requested by the director. It is important that the director makes it clear as to whether help with writing is required or not.
 - The Director and the Publicity Team should agree final copy. If agreement cannot be reached, then the Artistic Director should be consulted.
 - The Press Release should be no more than one page long and should be presented in the standard press release structure and contain information along the following lines:
PARAGRAPH 1 – About the play
 - Brief synopsis / description to explain what show is about
 - Classic or new work?
 - Where else performed, or is this its premiere?
 - Information about the playwright
 - Does the production have particular relevance e.g. current events, local interest etc?
PARAGRAPH 2 – About the Director and Cast –not mandatory
 - Director’s biog / CV
 - Cast biogs / CVs
 - Any additional notes of interest re cast (e.g. large cast)
 - Outline the key selling points
 - Note any special attractions e.g. play on school curriculum
 - Which venue? Studio, MT – please note the flight of stairs
 - Note any special warnings e.g. play contains sex, nudity or strong language
 - Dates, times and ticket prices for the show.
 - Prices are first Friday and Tuesdays £8 (£7 members of NVT), £9 (£8), last Friday and last - Saturday £10 (£9) for normal runs.

11.Photos for Press Release
Photos supplied with the Press Release increase the chance of attracting audience.
 - photographs for publication need to be high resolution, i.e. 300dpi.
 - photos should be taken during rehearsals, preferably with an attempt at costume (although as these photos are needed 8 weeks prior to the run, costume may not be possible).

12. Word of Mouth Email
2-4 weeks prior to the production, the cast and crew of the production should email out to all relatives and friends of word of mouth email, as this direct relation brings in most punters.
 - The email will contain most of the Press Release and the poster image and ideally a link to ticketsource.

13. Complimentary Tickets for Press
 - Complimentary tickets (2 per reviewer) may be offered to members of the press, where there has been an agreement with publicity that they will preview, review or publicise the play. Press reviews should be within the first 3 performances.
No complimentary tickets may be issued without the prior approval of the Publicity Team, who should ensure that Box Office is duly notified of details.