1. Discuss initial design concept
At the Pre-production Meeting for the show, the Director / Set Designer set out his / her concept for the set design, to the NVT Set Design and Construction Advisor and also the Health and Safety officer, so that an initial design can be created / approved, taking cost, practicality and safety into consideration.
 - It is helpful if set-builders can be proposed by this stage. If any part of the set construction, e.g. the erection of scaffolding, needs to be undertaken by a suitably qualified person, this should be addressed.

2. Booking space for set-building
Access to the space for set building must be booked in advance with the NVT Production Coordinator until 3 weeks before the show opens, when that venue will be reserved solely for your production. N.B.: Ensure time is allocated in the rehearsal schedule for set building and dressing.

3. Production Meeting
The design will be discussed in more detail at the Production Meeting, with particular regard to practical and safety constraints.

4. Follow-up meetings
Directors should arrange follow-up meetings with the Set Designer and builders as necessary, to monitor progress and address any problems.
- The director is responsible for the safety of his / her production and should ensure that the Health and Safety officer is consulted and advised of progress as necessary.

5. Use of Studio and Theatre Upstairs
It is essential that all those involved in the design and construction of sets are issued with copies of the detailed gudiance document and that they read and abide by the rules set out in it.

6. Seating numbers
The seating format and seating numbers should be agreed by the director in consultation with the Health and Safety Officer.
- Some example seating formats can be found in Studio Seating, however this is not an exhautive list and one-off designs can be used to compliment a production.
- The seating numbers in the Theatre Upstairs is a maximum of 75.

7. Notification of number of seats (mainly for Studio productions)
The Director / Production Manager should notify Front of House and Box Office of the final audience seating numbers for the show no later than 2 weeks before the first night.
- Once seating arrangements have been agreed they must not be altered. If an alteration seems inevitable, the Health and Safety Officer and Artistic Director must be consulted first.
- If the standard seating arrangement is not used, please inform the box office no later then the Pre-production Meeting, so that the number of tickets on sale can be reduced and managed until final confirmation.