Props & Furniture

1. Props List
The Director and Stage Manager should provide the NVT Props Officer with a copy of the script, as soon as possible.
 - The Director should make it clear whether the Props Officer is to derive a properties list directly from the script.
 - If this is not the case, the Director should supply the Props Officer with a separate properties list. In the latter instance, a script should nevertheless be supplied for reference / interest.
 - The props list should contain a detailed description of each item required, e.g. size, period, colour, etc. and should state the name of the play and dates by when props are needed.

2. Meeting with Properties Officer
 - Having provided the props list, the normal practice is for the Director and Stage Manager to arrange a meeting with the Props Officer to view what has been found / can be made and discuss how to source or substitute missing items.

3. Furniture
Use items of furniture stored upstairs at the theatre in the first instance.
 - Furniture must not be altered unless permission has been given and is returned to its original state after the production.
 - Furniture with a wooden finish must not be painted.
 - Furniture that has already been painted may be re-painted as needed.
 - Furniture made for the production must be structurally fit for purpose and the cost is within the production budget.

4. Making Props
It is advisable to consult the NVT Props Officer and possibly set-builders before making props.
 - If specially constructed props are considered necessary, their cost should be within the production budget and also adequate time allowed for their construction.

5. Return of Props
Props should be assembled and returned in good order at the Get-out of the play.
 - They should be handed to the NVT Props Officer, clearly labelled, either in a container, or at least placed safely together, or as advised by the NVT Props Officer.

6. Items not permissible as props
No furniture or other items (e.g. crockery) is to be taken from Front-of-House / Bar / South Hall for use as props.