Get In

The Get In of a production is normnally 2 weeks prior to opening night. The following are implemented at the Get-in.

1. Rostra and Seating in the Studio
On no account may rostra, including steps and guard-rails, be assembled without first consulting the Health and Safety Officer.
 - The agreed seating plan is implemented.

2. Permission to come on set
From the Get-in onwards, permission should always be obtained to come on set.
 - Normally this would be from the Director, or designated person, e.g. Stage Manager, set builder, scaffolder, etc.
 - Unauthorised intrusions onto a set can be dangerous and may be discourteous.

3. Set build
Construction begins
 - ensure you book time and space for set building.
 - please use protective equipment and sinage.
 - The set needs to be safely in place and as complete as possible, for technical rehearsals to begin.

4. Lighting
Lighting equipment needs to be installed, rigged and focussed according to the lighting design, ready for the technical rehearsals.

5. Props and Furniture
Furniture needs to be installed.
 - The stage should be marked to indicate positions of furniture and props.
 - The props table to be set up in a place that is not accessed by the audience.
 - All rehearsal props to be in place as soon as practical, latest 1 week before tech rehearsals.
 - An accurate record to be kept of all incoming items

6. Sound
Ensure speakers installed in correct position in accordance with sound design.

7. Costume
Dressing-rooms to be prepared.
 - Costumes to be safely stored in dressing-rooms, clearly labelled.
 - An accurate record to be kept of all incoming items.