Technical Rehearsal Process

Technical preparation: The first technical rehearsal and the cue-to-cue rehearsal are procedures which may happily happen over a single weekend but it is important to realise that they are separate stages which require careful organisation to make best use of time and resources. This process should normally take place one week before the first performance.

1. Essential Preparation
This covers general technical points that must be covered before the first tech rehearsal can take place, e.g. plotting of cues, sourcing materials, agreeing sound effects / music with the director.
 - Lanterns rigged, focussed, gelled in accordance with the lighting design
 - Lighting states plotted in conjunction with script
 - Lighting states recorded and programmed into the lighting console
 - Any sound recording needs to be transferred into the computer system and cued in showcue.
 - The sound designer and director should plot the sound cues in the script.
Audio-visual equipment
 - Video projector to be rigged, focussed and video cues plotted in the script
 - All performance props to be available
 - Props table(s) to be set up and marked up by Stage Manager

2. First Technical Rehearsal
This rehearsal is for the benefit of the technical operators. Its object is for the operators to try out the process and for the director and design team to agree that lighting, sound and other technical issues are satisfactory.
 - AV cues are run together and any adjustments made.

Essential personnel
 - Director
 - Designers – lights, sound, set, film / video, costume
 - Lighting operator
 - Sound operator
 - Video operator if required
 - Stage Manager
 - Wardrobe

All cues recorded
 - The Stage Manager should note all essential cues – lighting, sound, set, props, costume (if costume affects other technical cues) – in preparation for the Cue-to-cue rehearsal.
 - This ensures that all essential cues can be called by the Stage Manager at the Cue-to-cue.
Sound levels
 - Provisional sound levels are set, agreed and noted.

3. Cue-to-cue
The Cue-to-cue brings together all the elements – sound, lighting, props, set, costume (where dependent on technical elements) and actors.
 - the play is run from one essential cue to the next and only runs cues.
 - this rehearsal is an opportunity for technicians to integrate the various technical elements into the production. Actors are essential to this process and they should be prepared to jump from cue to cue as required, and as often as is necessary.

Essential personnel
 - Director
 - Sound operator
 - Lighting operator
 - Designers – lighting, sound, set, costume
 - Stage manager
 - Wardrobe
 - Cast
 - Others as necessary – musicians, scene shifters, video operators etc

4. Dress / Tech
A run in real time, with all elements of the production, with only essential stops in cases where adjustments need to be made.
 - This is the last chance to solve problems.
 - It is essential that actors rehearse in costume and that costumes are available at this rehearsal.
 - If dressers are to be used they should be involved in this rehearsal.