The Run

From this point on we are open to the public. It is essential that all members of the company conduct themselves with professionalism during a production, to ensure the safe and smooth running of the show. We have a responsibility to the public who pay to see our shows, to maintain a high standard of conduct.

1. Signing in
 - All cast and crew should sign in on arrival on the board at the stage door.
 - All cast and crew to check for any instructions on the board

2. Arrival times
Arrival times are arranged by the Director and Stage Manager according to the needs of the production.
 - Normally, actors would arrive an hour before the performance is due to start. This allows time for essential preparation, e.g. costume, make-up and warm-up.
Technical crew
 - Technical crew should arrive half an hour before performance is due to commence. This allows time for essential preparation, e.g. technical checks, replacement of broken bulbs etc.
Late arrival
 - Any delay, or circumstance that prevents a member of the company from arriving punctually should be communicated immediately to the Stage Manager.
Extraordinary circumstances
 - If, as a result of accident, illness or other extraordinary circumstances, an actor or crew member is unable to attend a performance, it is essential that they notify the Stage Manager as early as possible, to allow time for contingency plans to be implemented.

3. Stage Manager’s role during performance
The director hands the keys to the Stage Manager and explains access and security of the building.
 - The Stage Manager runs the performance
 - The Stage Management team will run performances, calling times as agreed.
 - The Duty Manager gives the Stage Manager “Clearance” to start the performance.
 - During a performance period the actors and crew are responsible to the Stage Manager.
Emergency situations
 - In the event of emergency, e.g. fire or accident, the cast and crew should follow any instructions given by the Stage Manager.
Emergency evacuation of building
 - In the event of a fire, or other emergency requiring the evacuation of the building, all cast and crew should follow the instructions issued by the Stage Manager.
 - The Stage Manager liaises with Duty Manager on evacuating the building.
Halting the show
 - The decision to halt a show in an emergency, or for any reason, is the responsibility of the Stage Manager in consultation with the Duty Manager.
 - Cast and crew have an obligation to comply with such a decision.

4. Conduct
It is essential that members follow the NVT rules of conduct

5. Safety
Cast and crew must behave responsibly at all times with regard to their own safety and that of others.

6. Neighbours
The NVT is situated in a residential area and it is essential that all members of the theatre show consideration to our neighbours.
 - taking care to leave the premises quietly.
 - this applies to the smoking area and yard during rehearsals.
 - doors must be closed by 10:30pm and no use of the yard is permitted.