Get Out

As time is at a premium, it is important to plan the implementation of the Get-out in good time. Normally a day should be reserved for the Get-out. The studio floor should be painted back to black, with enough time allowed for paint to dry before use by the next production.

1. Rostra and Seating in the Studio
On no account may rostra, including steps and guard-rails, be disassembled or assembled without first consulting the Health and Safety Officer.
 - Seating to be left in place or, by arrangement with the next production, arranged to their specific requirements under supervision from either the Health and Safety Officer.

2. Strike set
Set to be struck safely, ensuring appropriate tools are available.
Screws / nails
 - All screws / nails etc. to be removed from flats.
 - As much as possible, materials, such as nails or screws to be stored and re-used.
Reusable materials
 - Materials / flats for re-use to be stored in scene dock and / or exterior stores.
 - On no account should set items / material be left in the exterior yards, the stage upstairs or anywhere other designated storage areas.
Disposal of materials
 - Materials for disposal to be placed tidily and safely outside in the north yard.
 - Care should be taken to avoid obstructing essential gangways / paths
 - Please advise the Buildings Manager accordingly, so arrangements for disposal can be made.

3. De-rig Lighting
The Technical Team / Designer of the next production should be consulted as he or she may prefer the rigged lanterns to say in place.
 - If not advised differently, de-rig all lanterns and lighting equipment.
 - Store lanterns and lighting equipment in the Studio Lighting Box.
 - Plugs to be removed from dimmers for Studio productions. They are hardwired in upstairs.
Lighting script
 - Script for lighting to be returned to the director.

4. Props and furniture
Collect and label
 - Props should be assembled and returned in good order at the Get-out of the play.
 - They should be handed to the NVT Props Officer, clearly labelled, either in a container, or at least placed safely together, or as advised by the NVT Props Officer.
 - All furniture to be taken out of the theatre space and either be returned, stored upon agreement or disposed of.
 - Where furniture is to be temporarily stored before being returned to source, this should be for as short a time as possible. Storage should be agreed prior to the Get Out
NVT furniture
 - NVT furniture to be returned to its storage location.

5. Sound
Return sound equipment
 - ensure that any mobile sound equipment is returned and safely stored.
Return scripts
 - scripts for sound to be returned to the director.

6. Ops boxes
 - Studio to be returned to good order. Floor to be vacuumed, rubbish to be disposed of.
 - Theatre Upstairs to be cleared and cleaned.

7. Costumes
To be sorted, labelled, accounted for, checked off against original record, laundered if necessary and returned to the correct source.

8. Keys
Director / Production Manager of the show to return all keys to the Chairman by the day of the Get-out.