Security of Theatre Building

Apart from during a performance, where the Duty Manager has the responsibility, the security of the building falls to the Director (or other key holder) managing the activity.

1. The Director is responsible for the security of the building.
The Director must ensure that when the building is vacated the following actions are taken:
 - All doors are locked
 - Fire exit doors are secure
 - All lights are turned off
 - Hot/cold water taps are turned off
 - All lighting/electrical equipment is made safe
 - All kitchen appliances are switched off (with the exception of the Ice Machine)
 - The burglar alarm is set.

2. It is important to ascertain whether there are other users in the building, before leaving.
 - All users should ensure that they agree and understand who will be the last to leave the premises and who is to take responsibility for locking which doors.
 - Misunderstandings can result in the building being left insecure.

3. When the building is in use, the Director should ensure that the building, its occupants and contents are secure.
 - Individuals need to be safe from intruders.
 - Personal valuables and items belonging to the theatre should be secure.
The following precautions should therefore be taken:
 - Access to the theatre should normally be via the stage door and not the main (front) door.
 - If essential to gain access via the front door, it should not be left open unless someone is monitoring who is coming in. At all other times the front door should be kept shut.
 - The north side passageway door (the one with the keypad fitted) should be kept shut at all times. This prevents unauthorised persons getting in.

4. It is important to use the side passageway entrance at all times if possible.
 - All authorised users of the premises should be provided with the keypad code and instructed about the above security procedures.

5. Where at all possible, do not bring valuables onto the premises.
 - Loss or theft of property can result in suspicion falling on NVT members, which is unpleasant for all concerned.
 - The NVT cannot be held responsible for items being stolen.
 - The NVT does not undertake to compensate for loss or theft of property from its premises. All cast,crew, etc. should be advised of the security arrangements to ensure their own security and that of the theatre, by taking the above precautions.