The theatre is in a residential area. It is a condition of our licence that the following rules are strictly observed:

1. When leaving the building at any time, everyone should be as quiet as possible. This is particularly important in the evenings, when any noise, even normal conversation, carries a long way.

2. The keypad gate (North passageway) should be kept shut at all times and care taken to close it quietly to avoid annoyance to neighbours.

3. When using the patio, outside fire-escape stairs, or side passageways, any noise should be kept to a minimum. The patio must not be used after 10.30pm. No music may be played outside the building.

4. Members should spend no longer than absolutely necessary on the fire-escape, out of respect for the privacy of our neighbours, whose property it overlooks. Using it as  a Smoking area from the Dressing Rooms is not allowed.

5. The fire door to the rear garden area should, whenever possible, be kept closed. In any event, it must be kept closed after 10.30pm.

6. The front door must be kept closed as soon as the audience have left the auditorium. In any event, the front door must be kept closed after 10.30pm.

7. The only music permitted in the South Hall will be low-level background music. No music is allowed after 11.00pm.

8. No bands playing amplified music are permitted in the building.

9. If amplified live music or drums are required for a production, then permission should be sought from the Committee.

It is vital that we maintain good relations with our neighbours through our courteous behaviour.