Production Manager Role

1. General role
 - The Production Manager (PM) is responsible for the overall production.
 - This is a co-ordinator’s role, ensuring that the various teams or individuals (props, costumes, set design/build, publicity, etc.) are all able to fulfill their particular tasks by the agreed deadlines.
 - This should not preclude the PM from becoming involved, in a hands-on sense, with any aspect of the production seen to be requiring attention.
 - The role also involves liaison with the NVT Production Coordinator, principally finance, as it is the PM who will control the production budget.
 - The PM has overall responsibility for the production during the run, working closely with the Stage Manager.

2. Production Schedule
 - The PM will agree with the Director the production schedule:
 - production meeting dates
 - rigging dates
 - technical and dress rehearsal dates
 - distribute production schedule to crew and cast

3. Cast/Crew details
 - The PM will agree with Director all crew roles and responsibilities and ensure all roles are filled.
 - Create crew and cast list with contact details:
 - Distribute this list to Artistic Director, NVT Production Coordinator; Front of House Manager, Newsletter Editor and Membership Secretary.
 - Assist Director in ensuring all crew and cast are paid up members of NVT.

4. Budget
 - The PM will agree budget with Director and submit draft to NVT Production Coordinator.
 - Obtain approval from Committee for any essential over-limit spend before incurring it.
 - Manage budget – receive receipts and record all spending.
 - Submit final budget and expenditure sheet to NVT Treasurer for reimbursement.

5. Meetings
 - The PM will Book production meeting spaces in NVT calendar by contacting NVT Diary Manager, or in their absence, Chairman.
 - Attend all Production Meetings.

6. Rehearsal Schedule
 - The PM will work with Director on creating draft Rehearsal Schedule.
 - Distribute to cast and crew and solicit feedback to dates selected.
 - Book rehearsal dates, times and venues in NVT calendar by contacting NVT Diary Manager.
 - Distribute confirmed schedule to cast and crew.
 - Attend rehearsals regularly to keep abreast of progress.

7. Posters and Programmes
 - The PM will coordinate the production of the poster and programmes.
 - The PM will ensure publicity photos and cast bios are available when required.

8. Get Out and Post Production
 - The PM will plan the Get Out in consultation with the Director
 - Prior agreement will be made for storage or disposal of furniture and props
 - Moving of the rostra in the Studio will be agreed prior with the Health and Safety Manager.
 - Future Front of House (Bar & Box Office) cover will be scheduled with the Director, Cast and Crew.