by Nick Payne

directed by Mary Allen

Auditions: Saturday 17th February (Studio) 10am – 1pm.
Recalls Sunday 18th (Studio) 10-12am if required
Rehearsals from 22nd April. Run 14 – 22 June 2024 in the Upstairs Theatre

Suppose life exists in a multiverse – a set of existences that contain infinitely different futures. The possibilities in our lives are, quite literally, endless. Everything that could happen, does happen, in one universe or another. And if two lovers meet – are drawn together in every version of existence – every possible happy ending and heartbreak that could befall them, will.
The plot of Constellations follows Roland, a bee keeper, and Marianne, a quantum physicist, through their romantic relationship. They meet at a party, hit it off, and go for a drink. Or perhaps they don’t. They go home together. Or maybe they go their separate ways. Marianne might be engaged to someone else; or Roland might be. Possibly they come together and their love story can finally take root, or possibly it will be tragically cut short. The play is underpinned by the belief that there are multiple universes that pull people’s lives in different directions. This is reflected in the play’s structure as brief scenes are repeated, often with different outcomes.
Constellations explores how even the smallest change in our lives can dramatically alter the course we take. It is a riveting exploration of love, science, quantum theory, and infinite possibility for heartbreak or hope.

Although the play is written to be performed by a man and a woman, I just want to find two powerful human beings – irrespective of gender, race, ethnicity - who can stir the imaginations of the audience. Playing age 35-55.

One character is a theoretical physicist, fascinated by multiverse theories. S/he is passionate and driven, and a fiercely intelligent scientist. S/he also has a quirky, head-in-the-clouds quality: friendly, warm and quick-witted. S/he doesn’t open up easily, and prefers to rely on their intellect, and focus on science, rather than allowing their heart to become involved.
The other character is a charming, laid-back beekeeper, warm and open, with a good sense of humour, earthy and likeable. They are kind, understanding and caring, able to bring out the first character’s romantic side when very little else can. S/he wants to learn what is important to them.

The audition will be a group audition, giving actors the chance to play opposite a number of different other actors, experimenting with relationships and responses. There is no need to learn the texts for the audition, but please be familiar with the content and the fast-paced dialogue style.

To book for the auditions and request the audition pieces, please contact me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 07729 033662.

NB. Anyone can audition for an NVT production, but cast members will need to become members if not already






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