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15 to 23 March 2024
In the Studio

King Lear image webKing Lear
by William Shakespeare

directed by Richard Lindfield

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King Lear, a vain, unyielding father with a furious temper, is preparing for his old age. He comes up with an ill-fated idea to divide his kingdom between his three daughters by giving the largest share to the one who says she loves him most. What could go wrong? Just about everything.
The two daughters who don’t really like their father that much shower him with praise. The daughter who does love him (and whom Lear loves dearly) refuses to play the game and is banished.
So the clock starts ticking. Lear’s mind begins to disintegrate and so does his kingdom. Spoiler alert: it’s not going to end well for the King.
Many critics believe King Lear is one of Shakespeare’s supreme artistic achievements.

Running time: approximately two hours.












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