Procedure for Agreeing Additional Performances for a Production


NVT productions run from Friday to the following Saturday, with a matinee on Sunday and no evening performance on either the Sunday or Monday. There is one exception to this; the Fringe production in May does have a performance on the Monday evening. This means all productions have 8 performances (9 for the May production) out of the box.

Some productions may need additional performance to be planned. This may be due to one of the following reasons.

• Reduced seating capacity
• Potentially popular production e.g. Christmas
• The play is part of the current school curriculum
• Local / popular playwright
This list is not exhaustive.

If a director feels they may need additional performance(s). This should be raised initially with the Artistic Director during the planning process if possible. If not, then it is preferable for this to be done as early as possible and certainly before the auditions so it can be clear when casting.

With the agreement of the artistic director, the committee should be consulted if there is a significant cost to increasing the number of performance, due to licence fees etc. In addition to the cast and crew being able to undertake the additional performances an early approach to the Box office and Front of House coordinators should be made to give them the heads up and enable the identifying of any problems that may occur. Resolution to any such difficulties will be a priority and the production may be required to assist in Bar & Box cover on additional performances where this cannot be secured through the normal arrangements. This should all be undertaken swiftly after the additional performance(s) have been agreed, to ensure all is ready for accurate publicity of the production.

In extreme situations it may be necessary to look at adding an additional performance late in the rehearsal process e.g. due to unexpectedly high ticket sales. This should go through the same procedure as above, being expedited, advertised and tickets made available as quickly as possible. It is anticipated that this would be a rare occurrence.