The New Venture Theatre Production Manual

This is the latest iteration of the New Venture Theatre Production Manual. The original version was produced in 2007 by the then Artistic Director and Assistant Artistic Director. The aim of the document is to provide an overview of the production process and roles within the New Venture Theatre structure and some guidance for new Directors.

Each section listed below is complete in itself, but also combines to provide a fairly comprehensive manual.

The Production Process

1.   Introduction for New Directors

2.   Directors' Briefing Meeting

3.   Pre-Production Meeting

4.   Audition Process

5.   Rehearsal Process

6.   First Full Company Meeting

7.   Production Meeting

8.   Posters & Programmes

9.   Marketing & Publicity

10. Audio & Visual

11. Set

12. Props & Furniture

13. Costume

14. Budget

15. Get In

16. Technical Rehearsal Process

17. Dress Rehearsal

18. The Run

19. Get Out

Additional Guidelines, policies etc.

20. Role of the Production Manager

21. Role of the Stage Manager

22. Role of the Duty Manager

23. Building Security

24. Noise

 25. Use of the Studio & Theatre Upstairs

26. Health & Safety

27. Production Forms

 28. Audition Applicant Form

 29. Proposal to Direct Form

30. Procedure for Agreeing Additional Performances for a Production