NVYT - Spring 2017

Since September NVYT have been exploring different ways of devising. Devising is a form of collective creation where one starts with a concept, image or stimulus of some kind and explores stories and ideas connected to it. It can be described as employing a funnel effect where initially you accept all suggestions and then filter them down, rejecting some ideas and refining others until you end up with a script. It's like the opposite of picking a script up from the bookshelf, reading and analysing it then blocking it to create a show. Devising produces new work and has been a popular method used by contemporary theatre companies such as Frantic Assembly and Complicite who also work with writers in their process.

As you can appreciate this is a challenging process. The current NVYT group will be showing the results of their work on 31st March and 1st April, so come along to witness the fruits of their labour. They wanted to do a serious, mature piece representing the tragic mask of theatre and have created 'Bloody Lies' a tense, story of murder and deceit. The comedic mask is represented by a shorter, light-hearted look at the lives of contemporary teenagers 'Teen Twist'. Following on from the inspiring visit by Keith Bartlett from 'Hamlet: The Globe on World Tour' we too wanted to use our creativity to help others. Therefore, we are hugely pleased to announce that all proceeds from NVYT ticket sales will go to Mary's Meals, the charity Keith brought to our attention, which helps to provide a nourishing daily meal in impoverished communities for youngsters attending school in countries not so well off as our own.

Several of our members have been with us for three years now and are coming up to a busy, stressful period of their young lives - their GCSEs! Therefore there shall be a few spaces for keen, new talent to join our company from after Easter from Friday 28th April.

NVYT - Autumn 2015

We are currently working on a very exciting project . . . our first NVYT and adult show 'A Christmas Carol'. It's great fun! That's why we are not able to take on any new youth members at the mo. :( However you are welcome to come join the company from January 8th when our new term begins. :)

Contact our NVYT co-ordinator - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register your interest or if you have any further questions.

Come see 'A Christmas Carol' 4th-12th December to see what kind of work do. Quality!


Athena and Amanda



What do you say when nine young women storm on to the Main Theatre stage at NVT? “Don’t Panic’ would be a good bet. The NVT Youth Theatre gave us their end-of-project production, and it was loooooosely based on ‘The Hitch-hiker’s Guide to The Galaxy’.

They couldn’t call it that though - copyright law being pretty much the same right across the galaxy - so the group had workshopped the basic HG2TG ideas to devise their own version, and the show was introduced as ‘Athena Dent meets Amanda Dent’.

Brilliant! Athena and Amanda, the two daughters of Arthur Dent - the hero, you’ll remember, of the actual HG2TG. So we have A.D. and A.D. the children of A.D. and it was explained that the whole play takes place in a ‘parallel parallel universe’ - “It’s like a parallel universe, but it’s more than parallel, it’s parallel parallel”. Got that?

Every so often the action would break off so that we could be given an explanation of something, like ‘The Guide’ in HG2TG. In this show they had a large book with DON’T PANIC on the cover, and this became the central theme of the show.

There was loads of witty dialogue, occasionally delivered maybe just a little too fast, and as they read from the book a lot of the material was acted out as physical theatre by the group. At one point they were showing the boredom of everyday life, marching machine-like to work, like robots, locked into their mobile phones. Very visual - very memorable.

Then towards the end we had actual robots. More physical theatre - mechanical movements by the group, with the principal pair of robots wearing a metal colander and the wire frame of a lampshade to give them that necessary metallic appearance. Unforgettable!

A great performance - confident delivery of some very funny lines, with completely believable banter back and forth between the actors. They made good use of the space, too, moving around the large stage of the Upstairs Theatre, and managing to occupy every corner, keeping the audience’s attention moving as we followed the action.

At the end, Sarah Davies told us that the show - the devising and writing as well as the rehearsals - had taken only eleven sessions. I can imagine them working under a huge sign … DON’T PANIC.



NVT Youth Theatre Production of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

On the 4 July the New Venture Theatre hosted the production of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland performed by the NVT Youth Theatre. The group of young people aged between eleven and seventeen took the storyline of the well-known 1865 novel by Lewis Carroll and adapted it, creating their own version in the form of a forty-five minute stage production.

The professional performance exhibited the many talents of the young people including singing and dancing with some of them cleverly, switching between a number of the anthropomorphic characters throughout the play. They wore wonderful and imaginative costumes resourcefully made from curtains, lampshades and sleeping bags by one of the parents. Their individual personalities shone out through the comic characters they played, getting plenty of laughs from the audience. A thoroughly enjoyable and inspirational performance from some of Brighton’s new aspiring actors.

To find out more about what goes on at the New Venture Theatre Brighton, including adult and youth classes, workshops, auditions and future productions visit www.newventure.org.uk 

Review by Catherine Shemeld