23 to 31 July 2021

Subject to restrictions

in the Studio Theatre


Miss Julie

By August Strindberg

directed by Mark Lester

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 This production contains adult themes and is not suitable for children.

Arguably, not much has changed in the 130 years since Strindberg’s scandalous Miss Julie was written and first performed. In today’s world, Miss Julie’s story would doubtless titillate the tabloids; a young aristocrat’s dalliance with a member of her household staff, a previous boyfriend coming out of the woodwork to detail his sexual humiliation at her hands and the innocent bystander in Julie’s affair would all be hounded for comment.

Yet, hope, ambition, insecurity, dignity, social constraints and jealousy all make this tragedy so much more than a tale of lust and betrayal. This powerful play retains its ability to shock and move its audiences.



Miss Julie - Victoria Storm
Jean - Nik Balfe
Kristin - Cata Lindegaard