Join our band of Angels


The support of our NVT Angels helps ensure that our lovely community theatre continues to thrive, to produce excellent plays and develop the talents of our members young and old.
Angels have offered their support during the COVID 19 Lockdown.They also helped in other ways.For instance when licensing regulations changed in 2003 restrictions were placed upon the use of the Theatre Upstairs. It went dark as they say in the theatre world. After that the performances were centred on the ground floor Studio Theatre . Angels support helped towards the renovation of the ‘Theatre Upstairs’ .Giving us two working production spaces - the Upstairs and the Studio. Angels support has also made a major contribution to the wide range of remedial works needed to keep our listed building fully functioning as a creative space.

You will see below that our list of individual and Corporate Angels is growing. You can be an Angel for £100, a Fallen Angel for £200 ,an Archangels for £500 and an Archangel Gabriel for £1000 plus. Angels receive our updates, etc keeping abreast of productions and word about all the activities in our community theatre. We also acknowledge Angels generosity in our various promotional materials. Seats in the Theatre Upstairs are also named in Angels honour. They are also invited to join us for social events such as season launches and the like.

One of our Angels said that the NVT was ' like their own local Donmar theatre'. Praise indeed. So come with us on our creative journey; help us to take risks, challenge perceptions and bring inspirational work to the stage. Our ambitions can be achieved with your support.


Please email Our Angels coordinator if you are interested - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The New Venture Theatre is run entirely by its members on a voluntary basis
We do not hire our theatre spaces to external organisations